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AirPod Stories

Airchat is a simple way to tell stories with your AirPods.

Tell your stories in Audio using Airpods for the first time! Create your AirPod Stories in one go, even outside the app. You can add a photo and caption to your AirPod Stories. Friends and Airchatters can play and listen in one tap! You can like, audio comment, and share Air Stories.

Use your AirPods to play any Air Story on one tap! Your AirPods stories will appear in the ‘For you’ of all Airchatters. You have a profile of your stories that shows the total plays you get. Your new Air Stories will notify friends and Airchatters that ‘ADD’ you.

No typing chat

Air cases

Experience the most with your Airpods by telling your stories, chatting without typing, all on the go. You’ll also get invite only deals on cases for your Airpods!

Airchat also works well with other bluetooth or wireless earphones.

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Get Priority for the Apple
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